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Each statement that follows is the heart—felt expression of a satisfied customer

Rabbi Jonathan F… “I would like to thank your going beyond to make our Shul trip such an enormous success.  The participants had an amazing time, and we would not have been able to provide such quality programming and quality services without your extensive help.  We know that you already under normal circumstances go way beyond the call of duty for us. We are extremely appreciative of all your efforts, and look forward to continue to work together.”

Rabbi Zalman W… “I am writing to you just hours after arriving back from Chabad’s incredible Solidarity Mission to Israel. It has been an unbelievable 10 days of visiting our land and showing support to our brothers and sisters in Israel. We’d like to thank Danny Krandsdorf for always being there throughout the mission and making special efforts to ensure that all were satisfied all the time. Some of the highlights of our trip included praying at Kever Rochel, visiting Chevron, going back in time – crawling through the Western Wall tunnels, sharing gifts with Israeli soldiers at the Lebanon border, visiting the magnificent Tunisian shul in Akko, and our farewell dinner where everyone expressed their feelings on their visit to Israel. All in all, it has truly been a physically and spiritually rejuvenating experience for all of us.”

Nancy & Murray S … “Danny, again we can’t  thank you enough for the wonderful two weeks (Can’t get the wonderfully fragrant smells from the open market in Jerusalem out of my mind) we all enjoyed and experienced as a result of your planning and the guides guidance. We are looking forward to our next return to wonderful and beautiful Eretz Yisroel.”

Ruth K… “Did I ever thank you for the great tour you provided for Amy and me?” 

Jeffrey A… “Logistics were excellent”

Ely S…”Best part of the trip – everything”

Rabbi David K… “Everything worked like clockwork”

Dr. Alexander K… “Very well organized”

Joel P… “Very well planned, excellent and knowledgeable guide”

Ethel K… “The trip was thoughtfully planned, a lot of excitement, a lot of information to come away with and a great desire to do it again and come back. Thanks should be given to all the architects of this amazing trip. G-d should speedily send the final redeemer bring us back to our promised land.”

“The guide was fantastic. …Even more amazing was his ability to keep a group of Americans from a relatively wealthy, slow-paced city like Boca Raton on pace to experience a taste of as much of Eretz Yisroel as could be done in such a short span of 9 days. His knowledge of the land, its history, and its people – and its politics – sparked many discussions, debates, and conversations among the group, bringing us together. He was respectful; considerate of the needs of a group that included the spectrum of levels of religious observance, as well as ages from young children through older adults; and at the same time, maintained a friendly and inviting sense of humor.”

“Thank you! First of all I would like to commend our guide for being very patient and knowledgeable. He elevated our tour spiritually by sharing Midrash and Torah and integrated the history of Israel. …Overall I really loved this trip. I am glad we saw so much of Israel. Thank you for showing me the land and people of Israel.”

“The planning, organization and execution of the tour allowed us to visit virtually the four corners of Eretz Yisroel, as well as most of the holiest sites and the areas that we get very biased information about in the United States. You showed a genuine concern that we experience the full spectrum of a richly beautiful land.”

“You did a fantastic job, and the experience was over and above all that we could have hoped for or imagined. Thank you again for all your work and vision for this experience. It has forever changed our lives!”

“We enjoyed the entire stay – The Kotel was the highlight and on Shabbos! Thank you so much for making our trip to Israel a memorable one.”

“The beauty and history of the Land is surpassed only by the depth and passion of the people. As visitors to Israel there is joy in both praying at the Wall and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. There is excitement in making your way through Hezekiah’s ancient tunnel and walking through one of Jerusalem’s gates for the first time. The smells, flavors and colors of the markets and shops are intoxicating. We enjoyed every minute!”

“I would most heartily recommend this tour to anyone. Not just tourist traps and time-worn sites, but a living history that comes to life right from the pages of the Tanach.”

“Nancy and I enjoyed every moment of our visit to Israel. Our jeep and rafting trips were fun, as well as the water tunnels at the Wall. Each time we return we learn more about Israel, our people, and their wonderful strengths and what it took to gather those strengths to bring the Jewish People to Israel as it is today. Every moment in Israel is to know the history of the world. Every step is a step in time. We feel an indescribable sense of pride in being a Jew. Am Yisroel Chai.

“I’ve been to Israel many time before, this has been by far the greatest and full experience and more than I could have wished for. You did it!”

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