What People Are Saying About Love Israel Tours

Here’s what some people are saying about us. 

Each statement is a heart-felt expression of a family or individual on one of our previous experiences:


“Thanks, Danny and Chris, for your strategic and exciting planning of this trip”

 “I have taken this trip twice with my children. It is the only trip I know of where you will learn about the land of Israel, see where Jesus walked, and cover the country from one end to the other”

 “This is no ordinary tour, and that is what makes it so great!”—age 15

 “As we get ready to return to our homes, we take with us treasured relationships and memories. God has truly called each one of us to be here”

 “All I can say is ‘Thank you, God, and to the people who set this all up!’”—age 13

 “If the Lord provides the funding and time, I could recommend no better adventure to Israel. It was beyond compare!”

 “…it’s not just Bible stories that have become more real to me—Jesus, Himself, as a person, has become more real to me….”—age 18

 “The laughter of everyone will echo in my heart and memories”

 “How can I choose my most favorite [place] when I’ve been to Shiloh, Masada, Ein Gedi, King Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the Holocaust Memorial, Jerusalem—it doesn’t end!”

 “I loved the people I was with and I loved the places I was at”—age 10

 “I am so glad God invited me to His land….”—age 12

 “After planning for 1-1/2 years for our Israel trip (saving, etc), I thought nothing could live up to that kind of build up, but the trip truly exceeded our expectations. We like active vacations, not just sitting in a bus watching the scenes flash by. Each day was filled with interesting teaching, but also activity — climbing, rafting, camel-riding, hiking, swimming, etc. I was amazed at the attention to detail. Also, our group opted for less expensive accommodations, which turned out to be some of our favorite overnights. We were able to interact with many locals that most tourists probably don’t see — Orthodox Jews, Israeli homeschoolers, guys at the army canteen, etc. In the end I would have paid double for what we got.”

 “I cannot describe the impact the entire experience had on me personally”

“Finding your site was Divine intervention. The fellowship, the love, the joy still move me to tears. I had been to Israel before (have the bumper sticker), have read the Bible, have numerous Jewish friends. But, God bless you; you made it real! I will be joining you all again!”

 “If you wish to connect with Israel on an intimate level and explore the richness of its history, this tour is for you….You won’t find any of this on a 5-star hotel tour.” (age 76)

 “This tour is awesome! You don’t know what you are missing. If you don’t want to come to Israel, you are CRAZY! You won’t regret it.” (age 10)

 “Any good guide will be knowledgeable about his subject…[our guide] was a master storyteller. In my mind’s eye, I could actually see Goliath taunting the armies of Israel. I could see David sneaking up in the cave to cut off a piece of Saul’s robe. I could see Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal. A fabulous itinerary.”

“I would most heartily recommend this tour to anyone. Not just tourist traps and time-worn sites, but a living history that comes to life right from the pages of the Holy Scriptures.”

 “I have talked to other Christians who have toured Israel, and none of them got to know Jewish families, participated in Shabbat, or were invited to a synagogue. None of them heard the history of the Jewish people, or went to communities and actually dwelt in the midst of the people.”

 “…an experience I will cherish the rest of my life.”

 “The trip was great, and never for one moment did I feel that I was in danger. The security provided us was superb.”

 “My expectations were so high I honestly expected to be disappointed; however, this trip was much more than I had ever thought it could be.”

 “We have been back nearly four weeks and we simply cannot seem to get back to the routine of life. We truly were so amazingly and profoundly changed by the trip! We have spent the better part of four weeks talking about the Land, the people, and the impact made on our understanding of the Bible.”

 “Our children discovered a world they had only read about and dreamed of; as parents, we knew their understanding of that world grew immeasurably.”

 “Having the opportunities to meet, spend time with, and talk to Israeli citizens, especially Orthodox Jews, was a true highlight. The Shabbat experience at Ma’ale Levona was one of the best features of the trip.”

 “It was wonderful to not only walk the land and talk to the people, but to watch us become a ‘family’.”

 “[This Experience] changed my life and that of my children forever. This is an educational and spiritual opportunity I will be eternally grateful for.”

 “The beauty and history of the Land is surpassed only by the depth and passion of the people. As visitors to Israel there is joy in both praying at the Wall and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. There is excitement in making your way through Hezekiah’s ancient tunnel and walking through one of Jerusalem’s gates for the first time. The smells, flavors and colors of the markets and shops are intoxicating. We enjoyed every minute!”

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