Sample Homeschool Itinerary


What follows is only a suggested itinerary, we can easily adjust the itinerary to fit your wishes. When determining the length of your trip, keep in mind that the main cost of any trip is the flight; additional days in the land do not add that much to your cost but will definitely increase what can be accomplished.

Day 1 – Tuesday: We are really going to Israel!
Today is spent journeying from our hometowns to the Land of Promise

Day 2 – Wednesday: Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv
We finally arrive in Israel! Transfer to our Guesthouse in the Tel Aviv area near the Mediterranean Sea and spend the afternoon/evening relaxing, swimming and napping after a very long flight. Group Orientation Meeting. Dinner and overnight in the Tel Aviv area

Day 3 – Thursday: Samaria
Our tour of Israel begins as we drive east to the first location in the Promised Land mentioned in the Bible, Alon Moreh. After lunch at a local army base we take in the city of Shechem, which was important throughout Bible times, and even to this day, from Mount Gerizim (home of the descendants of the Samaritan people). Dinner and overnight at the Samaria Guesthouse

Day 4 – Friday: Samaria & Jerusalem
It is fitting that we begin the day with Israeli’s first capitol, Shiloh, where Joshua placed Moses’ Wilderness Tabernacle and where it stood for the next 369 years. Then we will be invited to join our tour operator and guide in their homes for lunch. We travel south ascending to Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel and, some may say, the center of the world. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse in Jerusalem

Day 5 – Saturday: Introduction to Jerusalem
We will view the “City of Gold” from atop the Mount of Olives. From here we will be introduced to Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount, the City of David, and Mount Zion. Then we will take in the chronology of the history of Israel at the Israel Museum. After sunset, we will take a walk to Judaism’s most holy site: the Western (or, Wailing) Wall, where worshippers come to pray day and night. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse in Jerusalem

Day 6 – Sunday: Jewish Jerusalem
After an early breakfast we enter the Old City, where everyday life and customs within narrow, crooked streets have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. We will see the Western Wall by day and then hope to be among those allowed entrance to the Temple Mount, itself, where we may see the place Abraham bound Isaac and where the ancient Jewish temples stood. We will descend deep beneath the streets of the Old City to view the Western Wall at it appeared during the times of kings Solomon and Herod. In the reconstructed Jewish Quarter we can see the Ancient Cardo and Hezekiah’s Broad Wall, testaments of the past. Along the way, we will meet some friends who will answer many of our questions about Jewish life and we will have some really great shopping opportunities! In the early evening we will stroll through Machaneh Yehudah, the wonderful outdoor market where native Jerusalemites buy their food. The sights and smells of everything from fish to fresh-baked bread will stir the appetite. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse in Jerusalem

Day 7 – Monday: In the footsteps of Abraham & David
This morning we visit the site of the battle between David and Goliath. After recounting the story, we will visit the brook from which David took his 5 smooth stones and find our own 5 smooth stones to take home with us. Then we continue to Beit Guvrin and the amazing Bell Caves. From the Bell Caves we travel south to the archaeological site of ancient Beersheba. We will walk the streets where Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, and Esau grew up and see the well Abraham dug which still exists today. We end our day entering a Bedouin encampment and being treated to their famous hospitality which will include the history of the Bedouin people and a camel ride into the desert. After a wonderful Bedouin supper, we all bed down in a huge Bedouin tent. Dinner and sleeping in a Bedouin tent in the Negev Desert

Day 8 – Tuesday: Masada & Dead Sea Area
We arise before sun-up to climb to the top of Masada where we will watch the sun rising from behind the Mountains of Edom across the Dead Sea in the country of Jordan. We will attempt to understand why King Herod would build such a fortress and we will discover how the Romans finally captured it, only to find a great surprise awaiting them. Back at the Bedouin camp we’ll enjoy a huge breakfast and say our goodbyes to the Bedouin and their lifestyle. We now visit Tel Arad, one of the richest archaeological sites in southern Israel. Here Moses’ spies began to encounter walled cities and returned to camp with a bad report. Then it’s on to the Dead Sea, the world’s lowest point for a swim (float). Later in the day, we will climb the cliffs of Ein Gedi and swim in its beautiful waterfalls before arriving at the cave where David cut off part of Saul’s cloak. Bring your bathing suit. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse near the Dead Sea

Day 9 – Wednesday: Jordan River Valley & Sea of Galilee
Today we head north along the Jordan River Valley to the Sea Galilee. We will take in Qumran, the village of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then we will stop by Jericho, home of Rahab the harlot, and the location where Joshua entered the Land after 40 years in the Wilderness. On the way we will discuss many of the people of the Bible: David’s flight from his son, Absolom; Jacob wrestling with an angel; the death of Elijah; the hometown of Elisha; Mt. Gilboa, and the death of Saul and his sons; and many more. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse on the Sea of Galilee

Day 10 – Thursday: Northeastern Galilee & Golan Heights
Today we drive into the mountains north of the Sea of Galilee. At Katzrin we will learn about the death of King Ahab. Those interested may visit the famous Golan Winery for a wine tasting. Then we continue into the Golan Heights to take in the view from Har (Mount) Bental before continuing northwest to Banias, or biblical Caesarea Philippi (where a most important biblical event took place and where we will learn what “the gates of Hell” actually were). We end our day at Tel Dan, one of the sources of the Jordan River. We’ll hike through the park, see foliage, rushing water and the remains of an ancient altar from the tribe of Dan. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse on the Sea of Galilee

Day 11 – Friday: Northwestern Galilee & Mediterranean Coast
We now travel almost to the western coast and to Keshet Cave for one of the most awesome views in the entire Western Galilee. This is a rare treat as this location is known only to locals and rappelling enthusiasts and is not a usual stop for visitors. Keshet Cave has been called “one of the places that must be seen before you die.” We leave Keshet Cave for Rosh Hanikra, which is situated on the Lebanese border at the extreme northwestern corner of the country. We will take “the world’s shortest cable car” to the fabulous sea-level grottos and the historic tunnels carved into the soft rock. Back to our guesthouse for a traditional Shabbat dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse on the Sea of Galilee

Day 12 – Saturday: Sea of Galilee
Today is Sabbath for Orthodox Jews the world over. It will be our special treat to experience a true Sabbath in the land of Israel. Most of the day can be spent relaxing and swimming in the Sea of Galilee. No ordinary “tour” offers this kind of experience! It has been one of the most memorable experiences for every one of our groups. We will end the day watching the sun set over the Sea of Galilee as we take a boat ride on the Sea. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse on the Sea of Galilee

Day 13 – Sunday: Sea of Galilee—In the footsteps of Jesus
Today we follow Jesus where He traveled, ministered and taught in the areas around the Sea. This will include the cities of the “evangelical triangle” (Korazim, Capernaum and Bethsaida); locations where He healed, fed the multitudes, and delivered the demoniac. We end the day rafting the Jordan River. If you, or someone in your family, wish to be baptized in the Jordan River, you will have the opportunity during this time. Dinner and overnight at the Guesthouse on the Sea of Galilee

Day 14 – Monday: Western Galilee & Coast
This is our day to join the prophet, Elijah, as he challenges the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. We will retell the story from our vantage point above the battle. From the mountain we can also take in most of the Valley of Jezreel, the “Armageddon” of the Bible. We then descend to the coast to spend time at one of King Herod’s most amazing architectural feats: Caesarea by the Sea. This archaeological site contains ancient viaducts, a theater, a hippodrome (where gladiators fought) and much more. Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 15 – Tuesday: Eilat & Red Sea
We travel all the way to Israel’s southernmost point: the Red Sea port of Eilat. After checking into our guesthouse, we will spend the afternoon at the Red Sea’s visit the Oceanarium and Underwater Observatory. Dinner and overnight at the Eilat Guesthouse

Day 16 – Wednesday: Petra & Jordan
Petra has been called “a rose-red city half as old as time” and “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage.” Petra has been designated a World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Dinner and overnight at the Eilat Guesthouse

Day 17 – Thursday: Eilat
Apply the sunscreen! Today we spend the morning snorkeling in the waters of the Red Sea’s famous Coral Beach. After showers and a change of clothes, we return to Jerusalem to end our trip in the Holy City. Dinner and overnight at the Jerusalem Guesthouse

Day 18 – Friday: Kings David & Hezekiah
King David captured the Jebusite city of Jerusalem to make it the capital of the entire Land. Archaeologists are today making wonderful discoveries as they unearth the ancient “City of David”. We will have access to this site as we learn about David’s capital. Afterwards, we will descend deep beneath David’s city and walk the entire length of the world’s greatest ancient water project: Hezekiah’s water tunnel. In the afternoon we will visit the site of Abraham’s first view of the Hill as he brought his son, Isaac, to sacrifice him on Mount Moriah. We then share a Shabbat dinner with an American couple who serve Israel’s “lone soldiers”. Overnight at the Guesthouse in Jerusalem

Day 19 – Saturday: Jerusalem—In the footsteps of Jesus
Jesus spent much of his life in and around Jerusalem. We will visit the biblical sites of His ministry that still exist today: The Garden of Gethsemane, the Pool of Bethsaida, the Pool of Siloam, the Via Dolorosa, the Garden Tomb and the Valley of Ben Hinnom. Dinner and overnight at the Jerusalem Guesthouse

Day 20 – Sunday: Jerusalem & Leket Israel
This morning will be spent at Yad V’Shem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum, one of the most moving experiences in Israel, and one which ties together all the experiences we have had in the Land and with her people. There will be an option to visit the Bloomfield Science Museum. After the Museum, we have added a special treat which has become one of the most requested of all the places we visit. Our group will work alongside archaeologists as we find ancient treasures from the Temple Mount itself. Our groups have found everything from ancient coins to Herodian tiles. We now head west toward our dinner with some of the Christian homeschoolers of Israel. On the way, we will stop to spend some time playing the role of biblical Ruth as we glean a field for the poor of Israel. Dinner with homeschoolers and overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 21 – Monday: Final Day
We begin America’s Independence Day by visiting Israel’s Independence Hall where Israel declared her independence 64 years ago. We then visit a kibbutz laundry facility which was, actually, a secret underground bullet factory during Israel’s War of Independence. Our day began with the new nation and will end at the world’s oldest port: Jaffa, where we will say our goodbyes to a most wonderful trip. Final dinner and sharing in Tel Aviv, followed by trip to the airport

You will be asked again and again, “How was your trip to Israel?” If you ever figure out how to answer this question, please let the rest of us know!

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