Planning Your Tour

Planning Your Tour – This Sounds Like Hard Work. Is It?

We understand that with the demands on your time you may feel that you simply do not have time to arrange such a trip. However, at Love Israel Tours we take great pleasure in doing most of the hard for you.

How Do I Begin to Plan Our Tour?

The most important factor in the success of your tour is your own firm decision that you are going to Israel, and that you are going to take a group with you. Set your trip date immediately. Once you have taken this step yourself, the rest is easy. Contact Love Israel Tours to begin planning your tour. Love Israel Tours will work with you to develop the right program for your congregation, the Love Israel Tours staff will be by your side through every stage of planning.

How Far in Advance Should We Plan Our Trip?

We suggest that you allow yourself at least six to nine months before departure. A longer period is even better, since time is needed to promote your tour and solicit participants.

Who Will Meet Our Group Once We Arrive in Israel?

Love Israel Tours will meet your group upon arrival and handle all the arrangements in the country. In addition, an English-speaking, government- licensed guide will accompany your group throughout its stay in Israel. Your guide will not only lead your tour of historic sites, but along with the Love Israel Tours staff help with all arrangements and with any problem that may arise. You are free to relax and enjoy!

What Length of Trip is Best?

Many options are available to you, beginning with a one-week stay. For example, an 11-day trip would give you 9 full days to tour Israel, and you would miss only one Shabbat. Any length of time can be accommodated. However, remember that once you have paid the airfare, extra days in Israel do not add that much to the overall cost.

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