Benefits of a Tour to Israel – J

Why Bring Your Congregation to Eretz Yisrael:

  • Imagine visiting the sites mentioned in the Tanach and walking where Avraham, Yaacov and Yitzhak walked.
  • Imagine reading from the Tanach of how David conquered Jerusalem and of how Hezekiah dug his tunnel.
  • Imagine being in the room where modern Israel’s Independence was declared.
  • Imagine standing on the mountain where the zealots held the mighty Roman army at bay.
  • Imagine standing a few feet from where the Kodesh Hakodeshim stood.
  • Many people will have a better understanding of the Tanach, and Judaism as a whole, as a result of a trip to Israel.
  • Also, as the spiritual leader of this trip you will find that a great bond will form between you and your congregation.
  • In addition to your presence we will have an Israeli guide who can show your group the many faces of Eretz Yisrael, such as only experienced experts know.


You can achieve all of these benefits and more by leading a tour for the members of your congregation