Once You’re in Israel


Electricity:Electrical current in Israel is 220v-240v, 50 cycles. If you pack anything electrical, you will need:

a) A current converter, unless your appliance already has one built in, such as most laptops and camera battery chargers.

b) A plug converter (Israeli plugs are small, 2-prong holes, not slots).  These can be purchased in Israel.


Health: Israel is a modern, developed country with levels of health and hygiene equal to those of Western countries.

You can drink tap water. But, you will also be able to purchase bottled water everywhere.

Please note: It is very important to make sure you drink a lot, especially when out walking and on hot days.



Exchange Rate – rate varies daily, check online before leaving home at the following website: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

          Dollars – accepted in many places but not everywhere.

Traveler’s Checks – don’t bring them

Credit/ Debit Cards – small handling fee if using a credit card

ATM (with a password) – get shekels with it almost everywhere

Change Money at the Airport – too expensive



Bargaining in the Shuk: Haggling is a tradition; It is rare that you should ever have to pay the full price; Always be ready to walk out; Don’t be intimidated; The prices are set much higher than what the store expect you to pay; They will cajole, bargain, flatter, and even invite you to tea or coffee; anything to keep you in their store and make you feel obliged to do business with them; Decide the absolute maximum you are willing to pay; Be clear on the exchange rate before you buy


Malls or in Town: The price of merchandise in most Israeli stores is usually set at the fair market price; Anytime you spend more than $100.00, be sure you receive a “VAT form” so you can get your tax refunded at the airport; Some merchants are not part of the VAT program and will tell you so; When you make your purchase, the store should put it in a clear plastic bag with a copy of the receipt; Keep the original; The bag must be sealed to get the refund


Staying in Touch:

Media: CNN & Fox News in most hotels; International Herald Tribune; The Jerusalem Post

Phone: Renting a cell phone is the easiest and most cost-effective, a company that we have use and recommend is:  www.israelphones.com/loveisraeltours.htm

Dialing Overseas: 013, country code (1 in US), area code, and number

E-mail: Access is available in most places. Some hotels have free WIFI


Time: Israel is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time


Weather: Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April-October) and generally mild winters (November-March). In the winter rainfall is relatively heavy in the north and center of the country with much less in the northern Negev and almost negligible amounts in the southern areas. Regional conditions vary considerably, with humid summers and mild winters on the coast; dry summers and moderately cold winters in the hill regions; hot dry summers and pleasant winters in the Jordan Valley and year-round semi-desert conditions in the Negev.

To find out the weather in Israel now, visit this link – www.accuweather.com

Average Temperatures:  Due to its diverse climate regions, Israel produces one of largest number of species of plants, fruits and vegetables in the world (about 3,000). It also contains one of the world’s largest assortment of animals.


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