How Can I Promote My Tour Successfully?

1. Your own commitment to come is of primary importance. It will be difficult to add others if they don’t hear a clear commitment from you
2. Get your board involved
3. Organize an Israel Tour Committee
4. Teach classes about Israel
5. Identify the key benefits of travel to Israel
6. Make announcements from the pulpit
7. Invite everyone to go
8. Distribute brochures
9. Seek local media coverage
10. Don’t forget the individual approach
11. Ask for a commitment to go
12. Hold Israel orientation meetings
13. Make small group presentations
14. Announce everyone who joins
15. Contact a wider circle of prospects, such as other Rabbis in your community
Your time in Israel will be the experience of a lifetime. After you have hosted your first trip, you will discover that more people want to go. Your Israel tour may even become an annual event!


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