Family & Individual Tours

Love Israel Tours arranges tours that provide programs that are educational and recreational, with lots of fun activities and adventure! Together with you we design your tour; a tour that meets your needs and interests or that of your family.

We can provide all your touring needs:

Hotel reservations

Apartment rentals

Private- guided tours with superb English-speaking guides

Join daily group tours to various places in Israel

Car rentals

Phone rentals


Travel guide

Jewish Interest Tour



All your vacation needs

Planning a trip, not just a tour, is a very involved process. There is often a lot of hassle, and, at the end of the day, a lot of things you wish you had known beforehand. I want to take the opportunity to extend my offer to be “your man in Israel,” arranging whatever needs to be arranged, even before you get here.

Whether it’s finding the accommodations that best suit you, planning your general itinerary and schedule, or attending to other special needs (such as kashrut or locating minyanim, or even finding that  third cousin of yours whom you haven’t seen just after 1967 please feel free to let me know ahead of time; I will be happy to arrange it for you.


Golden Israel offers specialty tours for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – for an experience that we think is a little more meaningful than the inside of a hotel auditorium. In addition to the traditional ‘Aliya Latorah’ at the Western Wall, we can arrange for one in special places, such as ancient synagogues around Israel, as well as other breathtaking sites. We are also linked to hotels through which we can offer special rates.


As far as the event itself is concerned, we can take care of all the details for you: from hotels to car rentals; arranging the hall (or wherever you choose to hold your special event); reserving a band; arranging for special t-shirts, hats and memorabilia; candy wrappers, or anything else you can think of. These can include special lectures (on any topic), shows, or other unique experiences around the event, such as participating in an actual archeological dig, volunteering with wounded soldiers or helping the elderly– experiences which can be a great way to anchor your event to the land of this country, its people, and its living traditions. Our planning your trip page provides a few of these possibilities, but feel free to raise any other ideas you have with us to ensure that your Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience is one that you will remember for a lifetime.

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