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Israel is a tiny country­­––only about 29,000 square kilometers––and yet, it is a place of amazing variety, with globally unique contrasts. For example, central Israel is the most populous place on earth, and yet, having planted over 240 million trees, it is the only country that ended the 20th century with more trees than it started with!

Israel’s location, bridging Africa, Asia and Europe, has blessed it with four bio-geographical zones––Mediterranean, steppe, desert and African – make it unique worldwide in terms of its combination and variety of climate, flora and fauna.

All good reasons to visit!  And unlike many Countries, Israel is so easy to navigate that the Individual Tourist has no problem finding his way around.  Everyone speaks English – from the man in the street, to the road signs!  Distances are short, so it’s simple to plan a two or three center holiday.



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