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Where can I rent a car in Israel?

Read about renting a car in Israel here.

Do I need an international driving license?

If you wish to drive a car in Israel, you must hold a valid international driver’s license.

For information about car rental, visit this page.



When dialing overseas, dial the three-digit dial code of the company you choose to dial from (012, 013, or 014)  followed by the country code, area code, and telephone number.

•        Many travelers rent a cell phone, sim card for your current cell phone or use a laptop.

•        E-mail access is available in most places in the country. Some places have free WIFI and some places charge for internet access.

Israel is 7 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time.



•        Electrical current in Israel is 220v-240v, 50 cycles. If you pack anything electrical, you will need:

a) A current converter, unless your appliance already has one built in, such as most laptops and camera battery chargers.

b) A plug converter (Israeli plugs are small, 2-prong holes, not slots).  These can be purchased in Israel.

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