Benefits of a Tour to the Holy Land

Imagine you and your congregation visiting the sites mentioned in the Bible and walking where Jesus walked! Imagine your group reading from the Bible of how Jesus calmed the storm, while your group is sailing across the choppy Sea of Galilee. Imagine reading the Sermon on the Mount together on the slopes of the Mount of Beatitudes. Imagine praying together, where Jesus knelt, in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane.

Many pilgrims bear testimony to the fact that their understanding of the Bible has increased greatly as a result of a trip to Israel, making life in the home church a lot more biblically informed. Also, as the spiritual leader of this trip you will find that a great bond will form between you and your congregation; again, making life in your home church even better than it is now. In addition to your presence we will have an Israeli guide who can show your group the many faces of the land, such as only native experts know.

You can achieve all of these benefits and more by leading a pilgrimage for the members of your church or ministry.

This Sounds Like Hard Work. Is It?

We understand that with the demands on your time you may feel that you simply do not have time to arrange such a trip. However, at Love Israel Tours we take great pleasure in taking all the hard work away from you. You can either promote the trip yourself, or provide us with the names and contact information of those showing an interest and we will do the promoting for you.

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