“Thank you for all your time, work and expense to make our first trip to Israel so meaningful”

“I had a wonderful time! I don’t think you could have made our visit any better!”

“It was the trip of a lifetime! Thanks so much for an experience we will never forget. Next year in Jerusalem? We’re sure hoping so. Thanks again!”

“I can’t stop talking about our trip to Israel… Loved it. Looking forward to coming back”

“This has been a once in a lifetime trip and we have had a wonderful time, we appreciate it very much. Thanks for everything”

“Thank you, thank you, for making my dream of a family trip to Israel a reality!!

“The planning, organization and execution of the tour allowed us to visit virtually the four corners of Israel, as well as the areas that we get very biased information about in the United States. You showed a genuine concern that we experience the full spectrum of a richly beautiful land.”

“Thank you for showing us the beauty and history of Israel, surpassed only by the depth and passion of the people.”

“After planning for 1-1/2 years for our Israel trip (saving, etc), I thought nothing could live up to that kind of build up, but the trip truly exceeded our expectations.

“This tour is awesome! You don’t know what you are missing. If you don’t want to come to Israel, you are CRAZY! You won’t regret it.” (age 10)

“Our children discovered a world they had only read about and dreamed of; as parents, we knew their understanding of that world grew immeasurably.”

“You did a fantastic job, and the experience was over and above all that we could have hoped for or imagined. Thank you again for all your work and vision. It has forever changed our lives!”

“Hi Danny, I have been meaning to contact you for the past week. At first it was simply to thank you for making sure we had the best trip ever, but by the time I caught up on my sleep from the jet lag, I needed to contact you for a very different reason. I can’t believe how things change so quickly there. For me, our trip was truly a dream come true. I am still in awe of everything we saw, experienced and felt. The guide was such a kind and patient teacher. We learned so much and more importantly, you left us hungry for more. You know what that means…we will be back!!! “


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